Elevate Your Camping Experience Into A Great Outdoors Adventure

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Many people have the desire to go camping and just completely miss the mark. Part of the thrill and exhilaration behind going into the outdoors is acquiring that adrenaline rush from being in the wilderness. Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone is what makes the experience elevated from camping to an outdoor adventure. Because so many people venture into pre-set up campsites, we’ve created this article to help show you how you can transform a normal camping experience into a great outdoors adventure. It all starts with understanding the difference. 

The difference between camping and an outdoors adventure

Modern day campsites have all the amenities and conveniences as your home. With shower sites, barbecue pits and even electricity in some cases, you’re actually more like sleeping in a trailer than you are physically camping. 

In order to truly experience an outdoor adventure, you need to completely disconnect from the modern world. The most important difference between camping and an outdoor adventure is the level of disconnection between you and society.

While you want to remain in constant contact with the outside world for safety purposes, there is a way to find that balance between bringing your kitchen with you and roughing it with the bare necessities. 

Another difference between the camping experience and an outdoor adventure are the activities you engage in. While camping will provide you with plenty of marshmallow roasting, song singing, fishing and lakeside swimming; an outdoor adventure takes it a step further to include wildlife exploration, scenic photography, acquiring a true connection with nature, testing your survival skills and much more. What you want to achieve is that self-confidence from conquering the wilderness. By putting yourself in a safe position to push your limits, you can develop a new found confidence in yourself.

Great places to begin your adventure

Now that you know you want an outdoors adventure rather than a basic camping experience, let’s discuss the perfect places to experience that. 

Within the world, you will find plenty of untamed wilderness that will allow you the chance to dive deep into your primal ancestry.

Essentially, anywhere off the beaten path will work. That means, any forest area, jungle like terrain, swampland, beachside or tundra is the perfect place to test your physical limits. 

Keep in mind that you want to pick a landscape that has the perfect balance of remoteness yet access to a central command center. Most wilderness reserves have a central command point where park rangers or reserve officials monitor the area. In the event of an emergency, this will be your go to point to save yourself from suffering any serious harm. When all else fails, you will know exactly where the central station is located and can begin making your way in that direction should you need immediate assistance.

What about food and water

Now that you have chosen a location, what about food and water? If you aren't the hunter gatherer type, you can easily pack away 3 to 4 days worth of dehydrated meats and canned goods in your rucksack. Any longer than 3 to 4 days and your pack will start to get quite heavy. Take a look at certain outdoor survival packs that come prepared with MRE’s and other types of light weight survival bars you can use in your outdoor adventure.

Water is always a big concern. Make sure you pick a place that has access to a freshwater source. This will secure your basic necessity of daily water intake. Remember that you need a minimum of 2 Liters of water per day during your outdoor adventure. Bringing a foldable boiling water pot will help you conveniently pack a way to purify water in a lightweight form. 

How to stay safe during your adventure

Safety is always paramount. In order to stay safe on your adventure, you will want to bring along certain items that were designed to effectively save your life should you need them. The first item on that safety list is a survival first aid kit. Make sure you bring something of slightly higher quality because when your life is on the line, the difference between a high-quality medical kit and a low-quality first aid kit, can mean preventing an infection or even saving your life. 

The next thing on the list is a multi-purpose survival knife. You can think of this knife as the ultimate multi functional knife that will allow you to protect yourself, cut brush and do all sorts of cool things when you need to.

No matter what environment you are in, a breathable scratch resistant waterproof jacket is advisable. Of course, if you’re venturing into the tundra, you want to have something to protect you from the cold. However, if you’re going into the mountains, forest or jungle, a simple breathable scratch resistant jacket will help protect your skin so you can journey off the beaten path and stay clean and dry.

Activities to engage in while Trekking

While on your outdoor adventure, you will want to keep yourself occupied by pushing your boundaries and testing your physical limits. This can be done with a few activities.


Tracking down the local fauna can be quite the adventure. Even if you don’t have hunting in mind, you can still practice your skills as a tracker and seek out local wildlife. This will give you great satisfaction knowing that you have developed the skills necessary to follow tracks and locate animal trails.


Make sure you bring along a camera or even your cell phone with a solar power charger. This will help you use your camera to snap away breathtaking photos. Whether it be an elusive sighting of a mountain minx or a breathtaking view from above, taking photos is a great way to make your memories last forever.


Don’t forget about simple rest and relaxation under the stars. Gazing up into universe, away from the city light pollution is something that everyone should do once in a while. Being so far away from society with such a clear view of the stars above almost makes you feel as if you can reach out and grab them. When the city lights are far away, the moon is illuminated brighter than anything you’ve ever seen before. Whether you’re in a grassy valley or tree filled forest, the remote isolation will give you wonderfully breathtaking views of the night sky. Use this moment to ponder your life's journey, your purpose and goals for the future. 

Benefits of pushing the boundaries

All in all, you will notice certain benefits from pushing the boundaries and testing your physical limits. Those come in the form of personal development, problem-solving skills, changing your perspective on what's important and connecting with nature. 

Now that you have successfully succeeded in building your confidence and your survival skills, continually take things to higher levels every time you venture into the wilderness. Before you know it, you’ll be surviving for a week with no more than a knife and paracord!





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