How to Build a Wooden Shed

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If you are thinking of beautifying your yard and you love woodworking, building a shed of your own could be the right project for you. This can, in the end, be an enriching experience, and with a good set of plans, it can be quite straightforward. In this blog, I will share with you seven steps on how you can build your shed. But first, we will highlight the essential thing to do before getting started.


Determine the function of your shed

The first thing you should consider before construction is obtaining a building permit from the municipality. There are many sites that you can find out how to make a request. The use you intend to make of your deposit will influence the shape, size, and materials you will need. Here are a few typical applications of some owners:

  • Lawn and Garden Equipment Depot: This is mostly used for a shed and does not require so much work. Also, the room is quite small and basic.
  • Household Storage: This is almost similar to the garden equipment depot but might differ as the household storage will likely require a more sophisticated control of humidity and temperature depending on what is stored.
  • Workshops: Unlike then storage shed, the workshops should be generally large for easier access and mobility when working on projects. This might require more work considering the workbenches and storage cupboards that need to be in the shed.
  • Car Garage: For a vehicle shed, you would need plenty of space, solid foundations, and car access to the front. This shed cannot be built in a hurry and will require time to create a large and solid one.


How to build a wooden shed in 7 steps

Just like we mentioned above, many reasons can exist for making a woodshed. Whether you want it to be a storage place for different tools, a place to store groceries, or even a parking lot for your vehicle. It is up to you to decide. It is important to note that as much as building a wooden shed might sound complicated, it is simple if you break it down in steps

By breaking it into procedures, things are a lot easier, and there’s the possibility of even getting it done in no time. If your wooden shed is going to become a reality, it is not going to happen by wishful thinking but by being deliberate about it. By getting the right tools and materials. In the section below, we have listed the necessary tools and materials you should have before you can start building. You will also find the process divided into seven steps on building your wooden shed.  Most of these materials can be purchased at Home Depot, Amazon , or at our store Binkie-Melane.



- A drill

- tongue and groove wood

- An electric sander

- Specific wooden beams for pergolas

- A jigsaw or jigsaw  

- Pins and hinges

- A flexometer

- Screws and nails

- An electric screwdriver

- Protector for exterior wood (dye of your selection)

- A pencil

- Asphaltic and silicone tegola

- An angled sergeant and a straight

- Wood curing treatment

- One level (measuring instrument)

- Outdoor slats

- A squad

- Polyurethane foam

- One meter or measuring tape

- Wall brackets



Step 1: Always start with the design on paper.

Now that you have gotten the space of the shed you want to build, you can then go on to proceed with the design of the shed on paper. Some of you might ask, “Well, what if I’m not an architect or a civil engineer?” My answer to you is YOU DON’T NEED TO BE ONE. The important thing is that you have a pictorial imagination of what you want your shed to be like, that’s all you need to work it. So, draw out the structure and don’t forget to include the doors, cover as well as the roof.  Here is a great place to go for shed designs, or just about any woodworking designs.  There are literally over 16,000 woodworking designs to choose from.


Step 2: Install the main beams for the base of the structure

Do bear in mind that the final beam of your shed is the one that defines the point where the roof will meet, and from an inclination of about 15-20%, you can calculate the beam’s initial height. This beam serves as a support for the roof and the entire weight of the structure. You can add to the support by installing study brackets on the wall hence culminating with other beams.


Step 3: Complete the wall covering with tongue and groove wood

Take advantage of the meter to measure the spaces of the walls that will be included with the tongue and groove wood (for exteriors), and then cut it with the level and proceed to its assembly.


Step 4: Install the roof of your wooden shed

Cut and install the wood for the roof of the shed at the corresponding points, and do not forget to leave room for the last sheet, which should be placed at the end of the process to avoid imperfections.


Step 5: Place the doors in their corresponding places

Whether manufactured by you or previously purchased, the doors of your wooden shed must be bolted to the structure, and then apply the similar tongue and groove in these (a tongue and groove covering the exterior of each of the following structures).


Step 6: Hinges and closures in action!

By having the doors bolted to the structure of your wooden shed, the installation of the hinges will be a child's play, as long as you have the help of a level. And then install one or two pins on the outside of the doors to keep them closed.


Step 7: Roof waterproofing and final insulation

After installing the asphalt tegola on the roof, place wooden profiles on both the ceiling and the walls to protect them from water, and seal everything with silicone. While in the interior, it is sufficient with the application of polyurethane foam since thanks to its expansive properties, it will cover all the holes of the wood in a short time.

And ready! With these simple steps, you will have your own built wooden shed, and only a curative treatment would need to be applied to all the wood used to protect and maintain it in good shape, as well as to extend its useful life.





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