Is The Fallkniven F1lcos One Of The Best Knives Around?

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fallkniven f1lcos f1 cos

The FallknivenF1 is a brand of Fallkniven company based in Sweden which manufactures knives and any other knife-related gear. The Fallkniven F1 is considered as the official survival knife Swedish Air Force pilots since 1995. The emphasis put in its technical design makes the knife handy-sized which can be relied on at any given time as one can use the knife to run several activities ranging from camping, gaming to wood crafting.


The F1 knife has considered ergonomics as its handle provides a good, safe and comfortable grip and its material is of high quality as it is insensitive to heat aging, water, and chemical solvents at a very affordable price hence offer value for money. 


The Fallkniven F1’s blade is made of an incredibly tough laminated cobalt special steel (Lam.CoS) which offers very high strength and edge retention making the knife suitable for various daily activities as well as personal security over a long period. The laminated steel is corrosion free and thus makes the knife to have minimal maintenance as you can use the knife for a long time before running maintenance.


The leather sheath cover is made of high-quality leather and has a great finish which brings about the aspect of aesthetics on top of its strength and keeps the knife safe and clean as it contains the entire knife.


The thickness of the blade is just perfect as it does not flex and thus making it suitable for use as a survival knife, the thickness of the F1 blade also ensures that it is long-lasting and this can only happen if the knife is well taken care of.


This knife has quality properties making it the best in the market so far however, some users have noted that its handle material rubber split right down the middle and Fallkniven company cannot replace it for free, it can only replace the broken handle at a fee since they consider it your fault to have it broken. Moreover, whenever you ship the knife for handle replacement it takes a very long time before it is shipped back to you which may lead to unnecessary inconveniences.

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