Foot Support For Tired Feet

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Your Feet Deserve a Grand Level of Relief, Comfort & Support at Work

Does your job require you to sit long hours at the office working for the better part of the day? Or maybe it’s a non-negotiable task that comes with your profession.

If so, working long hours at your desk could be hurting your feet and you may not even know about it. This is especially true when you lack an effective foot support to complement your sitting posture – which is about to change because of the FellowesTM Foot Support.

You would never have to worry about foot fatigue, heel pain and muscle cramps when you sit at your desk anymore. 


Simple & Elegant Design

FellowesTM Foot Support has a simple yet elegant design that features an adjustable platform with three (3) height settings that guarantees different levels of support. No matter how high or low your you sit at your desk, your feet will always get the support it needs to relax and promote good sitting posture.


Textured Massage Surface

It has a comfortable textured surface that hits vital pressure points gently massaging the sole of your feet, thus increasing the blood circulation to the lower extremities of your body especially when sitting for long periods of time.


Fully Adjustable Rock-Motion Angle

FellowesTM Foot Support tilts from -250 to +250 providing you with a gentle rocking motion to exercise your legs while working at your desk. It also allows you to find the most comfortable angle for your legs to relax.


Ideal for Home or Office use

All in all, FellowesTM Foot Support is the ideal home office or workplace equipment that goes beyond ordinary support but also protects and maintains good body posture without sacrificing user comfort. Enjoy a delightful ergonomic Experience that promotes workspace wellness with FellowesTM Foot Support at our store.



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