No Motivation to Lose Weight?

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If you’re a person who loves being overweight than weight loss products probably aren’t a great fit for you. Other things that probably aren’t a great fit: pants, shirts, small portions, self-discipline. If that describes you, we can relate. Because it relates to lots and lots of people (including our staff writer).

Sure, it’s easy to smile and make a joke, but the truth is that weight loss products are a great solution to help aid all of us in the quest to lose weight.

Unfortunately, losing weight isn’t as simple as just snapping our fingers and dropping a few pants sizes. If that were the case, we wouldn’t feel nearly as bad about the 2am Taco Bell visit we made last night. Thankfully, weight loss products do exist, they're also easy to use and also very effective.

Here are the top reasons we love the idea of fat loss products:

    • No more nicknames like “Tubby” or “Huge Gut Johnson”
    • Less eating means more time to high five yourself for being good looking.
    • You can now use your old pants as parachutes, or to throw them up in the air and try to cover that big hole in the ozone layer.
    • Your face really only needs one chin anyway.
    • Clothes are looser meaning it’ll be easier to try out those ridiculous dance moves you’ve been thinking about.
    • People less likely to mistake you for a pile of laundry mixed with a pile of carbohydrates.
    • No more having to pay extra toll fee when crossing a bridge due to an oversized load in your car.
    • You’ll only be out of breath from running when you exercise, not when you eat cake.
    • Two words: Sweet caboose
    • Construction workers no longer have to remove a wall in your home for you to fit through the exit.

    Are there other reasons to get all up in the fat loss lifestyle? Sure, feeling good. When you’re overweight and feeling gross, it’s hard to want to get out and have a social life. It’s easier to stay home and order a couple of dozen pizzas and binge watch those 350 episodes of whatever show happens to be on Netflix you scroll by at the time.

    We can all agree that pizza is delicious, but we can also agree that looking good and feeling good is way more important.

    The next time you’re thinking “Hey, I should probably drop five pounds...or ten pounds...or a couple hundred pounds,” some fat loss products might just help you along.

    Sure, they won’t do all the work - but they’ll be like your little cheerleader along the way, quietly whispering, “Hey tubby, you can do it!”

    Which is exactly why you’ll want to drop that weight. So they stop calling you tubby.

    Wait...are we the only ones who have fat loss products whispering in our ear?





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