Dantona Cel-smj500 Cel-smj500 Replacement Battery


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? 3.8V;? Long-lasting;? 2,400mAh;? Li-Ion;? Rechargeable;? Replacement battery for Samsung(R) Galaxy Grand Prime cell phone & other comparable Samsung(R) models;? Compatible with Samsung(R) Galaxy Grand Prime, Samsung(R) J5, Samsung(R) J5 Duos, Samsung(R) SM-G5308W, Samsung(R) SM-G5309W, Samsung(R) SM-G530H, Samsung(R) SM-G530P, Samsung(R) SM-G530Y, Samsung(R) SM-G531F, Samsung(R) SM-J5008, Samsung(R) SM-J500F, Samsung(R) SM-J500DS, Samsung(R) SM-J500G, Samsung(R) SM-J500H, Samsung(R) SM-J500M, Samsung(R) SM-J500NO, Samsung(R) Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Value Edition, Samsung(R) Galaxy Express Prime, Samsung(R) Galaxy J3 2016, Samsung(R) Galaxy J3 6 Pro, Samsung(R) Galaxy On5 Pro Duos, Samsung(R) Galaxy J3 6 Pro Duos, Samsung(R) SM-G5500, Samsung(R) SM-G5306W, Samsung(R) SM-G550FY, Samsung(R) SM-J320P, Samsung(R) SM-G5308, Samsung(R) SM-J3109, Samsung(R) SM-J320A, Samsung(R) SM-J3119, Samsung(R) SM-G5309, Samsung(R) SM-J320YZ, Samsung(R) SM-J320H/DS, Samsung(R) SM-J500F/DS, Samsung(R) SM-J320F/DS Samsung(R) EB-BG530 BBE, Samsung(R) EB-BG530CBB, Samsung(R) EB-BG530CBE, Samsung(R) EB-BG530BBC & Samsung(R) EB-BG530BBE;

Condition : This item is brand new, unopened and sealed in its original factory box.