Mb Quart Formula Series 2-way Coaxial Speakers (4") Mbqfkb110

Mb Quart(r)

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WIDESHERE(TM) creates a large &#34<br>sweet spot&#34<br> for all listeners, even from the smallest speakers <br> Aluminum dome tweeters deliver high output, extended frequency response & natural music reproduction<br> Butyl rubber surrounds provide durability & deeper mid-bass impact<br> Textured ABS gasket assures a rigid linear seal to the mounting surface<br> Pure copper voice coil creates a strong magnetic field with a very thin extrusion<br> Kapton voice coil former is lightweight & efficiently dissipates heat<br> Natural fiber allows flexibility while the infused epoxy gives strength during the manufacturing process<br> Over-coil cooling system allows air exchange over the voice coil through the spider<br> Heavy gauge progressive-die stamped steel frames for ultimate rigidity<br> 4&#34<br><br> 80W max/40W RMS<br> Freq resp: 55Hz-19kHz<br> Mounting dia: 3.69&#34<br><br> Outside dia: 5.39&#34<br><br> Mounting depth: 3&#34<br><br> Pair<br>

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