Ultralast Cel-g3 Cel-g3 Replacement Battery


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? 3.8V;? Li-Ion;? Long-lasting;? 3,000mAh;? Rechargeable;Replacement battery for LG(R) D690 cell phone;? Compatible with LG(R) D690, LG(R) D690N, LG(R) D693, LG(R) D693N, LG(R) D830, LG(R) D850, LG(R) D850 LTE, LG(R) D851, LG(R) D855, LG(R) D855 LTE, LG(R) D855AR, LG(R) D855K, LG(R) D855P, LG(R) F400, LG(R) G3, LG(R) LS990, LG(R) LS990 LTE, LG(R) VS985, LG(R) LS740, LG(R) D858 LG(R) BL-53YH & LG(R) EAC62378905;

Condition : This item is brand new, unopened and sealed in its original factory box.