Ultralast Hs-191545 Hs-191545 Replacement Battery


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? 3.7V;? Long-lasting;? 240mAh;? Li-Poly;? Rechargeable battery;? Compatible with AT&T(R) TL7600, AT&T(R) TL7610, AT&T(R) TL7611, Lucent Technologies(R) TL7600, Lucent Technologies(R) TL7610, Lucent Technologies(R) TL7611, VXi(TM) 202929, VXi(TM) V100, AT&T(R) TL7650, AT&T(R) TL7601, AT&T(R) TL7651, AT&T(R) TL7612, AT&T(R) 89-1343-00, AT&T(R) BT191545, Lucent Technologies(R) 89-1343-00, Lucent Technologies(R) BT191545, AT&T(R) 80-7428-01-00, AT&T(R) 80-7927-00-00, AT&T(R) 89-1343-00-00 & AT&T(R) BT190545;

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